Click here for the ALIVE! Vegetable Log 

Session 1

Video 1a: Introduction to ALIVE!

Video 1b: Setting SMART goals

Handouts: SMART Goals handout

                    SMART Goal Worksheet

Session 2

Video 2a: The ALIVE Plate of Life

Video 2b: Rainbow of Vegetables

Handouts: 2a – Plate of Life

                    2a – ALIVE Food Log

                     2b – Ways to eat more vegetables

                     Rainbow Vegetable Handout 2b-2

Session 3

Video 3a: Nutrient Density

Video 3b-1: Collards 101

Video 3b-2: I Heart Recipes: Vegetarian Collard Greens

Handouts: 3a Energy density handout

3a-Build Your Own Salad Activity

3b Greens

Session 4

Video 4a:  Carb portioning

Video 4b1: Dani Spies eggplant 101
Video 4b2: How to make Bake Eggplant Parmesan

Handouts: 4a Healthy Carb Substitutes

4a Eating High Fiber Carbs

4b Eggplant Veggie Handout

Session 5

Video 5a:  Quality Carbs

Video 5b-1:  Butternut Squash 101

Video 5b-2:  Homemade Sweet Potato Fries

Handout:  5b-Starchy Vegetables Handout

Session 6

Video 6a: Meal Timing & Snacks

Video 6b-1: Snacks you think are healthy but aren’t

Video 6b-2: SMART Goal Setting discussion

Handouts: 6a Breakfast List Handout

6a Meal Timing Handout

6a Snack List Handout

6a How are You Eating Now Meal Timing

Session 7

Video 7a: Protein & Fat

Video 7b-1: Brussels Sprouts 101

Video 7b-1: Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Video 7b-2: Cabbage 101

Video 7b-2: Cabbage and Butter Bean Soup

Handouts:  7a Cook With Less Fat Tips

7a Eat Vegetables with Less Fat

7a Know Your Fats

7a Low Fat Choices Activity

7b-Brussels and Cabbage

Eat Less Add Fat

Eat Proteins With Less Fat

My Alive! Smart Goals

Session 8

Video 8a:  Eating God’s Plate outside the Home

Video 8b-1: Abundant Living Through Lent

Video 8b-2: Veggie Logs

Handouts: 8a ALIVE Restaurant Guide

8a Better Choices Guide

8a Activity – Eating Out Calorie Quiz

Pocket Guide Tips for Eating Out

Session 9

Video 9a: Let’s get physical!

Video 9a-2: Top Ways to Change Behavior

Video 9a-3: How to set up your pedometer

Video 9b: Brain, Craving, and Mindfulness

Handouts: 9a Why Be Physically Active

9b Stop Breathe Be

Revised – My Alive! Smart Goals

Session 10

Video 10a-1:  Mindful Minute: BASICS

Video 10a-2:  Mindful Eating

Video 10a-3:  Mindful Eating Exercise: The Raisin

Video 10b-1:  The healthiest breakfast in the world

Video 10b-2:  Mini Veggie Quiches — Lynn’s Recipes

Handouts:   10a BASICS of Mindful Eating

Session 11

Video 11a-1: Healthy Grocery Shopping

Video 11a-2: Clean Eating Weekly Meal Prep

Video 11b-1: Jamie Oliver’s Stir Fry Tips

Video 11b-2: How to Stir Fry Vegetables

Handouts: 11a- Food Label Reading

11a- Grocery Shopping Tips

11b Stir Fry Vegetables

Session 12

Video: Closing Words

Video 12a: Science of Addictive Foods

Video 12b-2: Summer Squash

Video 12b-3: Spring Time Leafy Greens 

Video 12b-4: How to Make Perfectly Roasted Asparagus

Handouts: 12a Tips for Avoiding Processed Food

12a 10 Reasons Not to Eat Junk Food